After Closing

Thank you very much for allowing me to handle your home financing. Helping people make good decisions within their financing is always an honor.


Here are a few things to remember:


  • Your first payment letter is in your closing package should there be a need to mail a check before you start any auto-pay program.
  • You can set up an auto-pay once the lender has your data in their system.
  • You should receive a mailing from them welcoming you and providing information to contact their servicing department should there ever be a need.
  • The closing of your loan is a public record so you may receive unwanted solicitations.  Some can appear official, so be cautious. If you ever receive anything that seems odd or you just want to ask about it, please feel free to email a photo or scan to me or just give me a call to discuss. I want to protect my clients and am always happy to help.
  • You are not required to keep the entire copy package of your closing documents.  However it would be wise to keep a copy of the Deed of Trust, Note, Mortgage Electronic Registration System notice or any other Riders to the Deed of Trust, Settlement Statement/Closing Disclosure and First Payment letter. You may wish to scan and keep them electronically or keep paper copies in a folder marked so that they can be located if the need arises in the future.
  • The escrow agent involved in your closing will send a copy of the Final Settlement Statement within a few days of your closing.  This document should be placed in your TAX PREP file for year-end tax filing purposes.
  • Know that you can always contact Amy if you have questions or need assistance in the future.